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24H VOLUME $16,994,159
MARKET CAP $124,292,204

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13 Aug 2019
Added: 13 Aug 2019
25 Jul 2019
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24 Jul 2019
Added: 23 Jul 2019
06 Jun 2019
Added: 02 Jun 2019
31 May 2019
Added: 24 May 2019
17 May 2019
Added: 15 May 2019
19 Apr 2019
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31 Mar 2019 (or earlier)
Added: 29 Dec 2018
19 Mar 2019
Added: 18 Mar 2019
28 Feb 2019
Added: 26 Feb 2019
14 Feb 2019
Added: 11 Feb 2019
17 Jan 2019
Added: 02 Jan 2019

What is Waves (WAVES)?

Waves is an open blockchain platform designed for ease of use and mass adoption. Anyone can use Waves to launch, distribute and trade their own crypto token. The platform is fully decentralised, transparent and auditable. Waves is inspired by NXT with team members previously being involved with NXT. Its name is inspired by the gravitational waves discovery. It is a cryptocurrency platform that had been coded for scratch and allows for asset issuance, decentralized crowdfunding, community management and encrypted messaging. Waves is creating a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem that will provide all the necessary features for business adoption, and the platform already has a number of powerful tools and services that make building user applications straightforward. Waves is a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency that conducted its ICO from 12 April 2016 to 31 May 2016. It raised a total of $16 million worth of bitcoins during the ICO. There is a total of 100 million tokens of which 15 million tokens are reserved for bounties and the development team while the remaining 85 million tokens are distributed to ICO participants. Features: 1. Highly accessible - Clean & familiar UX, Chrome app or html lite client, No blockchain download necessary 2. Fast, low-cost and scalable - One-minute blocks, Low (0.001 WAVES) transaction fees, Tx fees can be paid in tokens, Up to 1,000 txs/second 3. Fiat transfer - Fully compliant & licensed gateways into and out of the blockchain, EUR blockchain tokens with USD and other currencies on the way, Tokens fully backed by fiat deposits, Bitcoin gateway and tokens also available. 4. Easy token operations - Launch a new crypto token in under a minute, Tools for mass token distribution, Ideal for crowdfunding 5. Decentralised exchange (DEX) - Peer-to-peer trading from within the client, Trade any pair of Waves tokens, Near-realtime order matching, Blockchain settlement for security 6. Smart contracts - Non-Turing complete, Powerful but secure

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