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24H VOLUME $260.28
MARKET CAP $1,820,221
TOTAL SUPPLY 216,000,000 OOT

Utrum Events

12 Jan 2019
Added: 09 Jan 2019
10 Jul 2018
Added: 07 Jul 2018
07 Jul 2018
Added: 08 Jul 2018
28 Jun 2018
Added: 28 Jun 2018
11 Jun 2018
Added: 11 Jun 2018

What is Utrum (OOT)?

Utrum is a Trusted Playbook for Investors. We are solving the Cryptocurrency Trust problems through Crowd Wisdom, AI and Blockchain. Utrum is a platform that rewards members for Crypto Reviews, Analysis and Market Predictions with $OOT tokens. It is a network that connects Crypto Investors, Novices, Developers and Crypto Analysts. Utrum is a platform that provides unbiased information and metrics on cryptocurrency assets, ICOs, and other related investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency space. One of the initial challenges is incentivizing those who have the skills and knowledge to share with the community, while authenticating these sources and assigning a trust rating to their content. While some centralized/privately operated solutions have attempted at addressing these issues, they do not address the most pressing problem of trust through bias and manipulation as discussed.

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