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24H VOLUME $444,885
MARKET CAP $1,516,455
TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 DDD Events

16 May 2019
Added: 15 May 2019
19 Jul 2018
Added: 19 Jul 2018
20 Jun 2018
Added: 21 Jun 2018
14 Mar 2018
Added: 23 Apr 2018

What is (DDD)? is the world's first blockchain-based quantitative data providing and exchanging platform for storage, verification, utilization, analysis, sharing and trading of real world data. Interactions within the Scry community are made through’s built-in smart contracts to access, share and utilize a wide spectrum of data, as fed and verified by the mass users on a distributed basis. also enables users to customize industry/event-specific smart contracts to be applied to various scenarios and niches, such as polls or prediction markets in sports, entertainment, agriculture, financial market and so forth.

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