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24H VOLUME $4,118.89
MARKET CAP $3,164,682
TOTAL SUPPLY 1,680,000,000 NLG

Gulden Events

16 Oct 2019
Added: 12 Oct 2019
26 Apr 2019
Added: 11 Apr 2019
18 Aug 2018
Added: 20 Aug 2018
28 Jun 2018
Added: 29 Jun 2018
Added: 29 Jun 2018
30 Nov 2017
Added: 23 Apr 2018

What is Gulden (NLG)?

Gulden is a second-generation peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which was created to provide a secure, simple and fast method of performing financial transactions between private individuals, customers & service providers and also corporate entities. Like many recent cryptocurrencies, the primary design criteria were to improve the security and usability of the currency and its underlying transaction authorisation technology (when compared to the original cryptocurrency - Bitcoin). The purpose of these changes was to simplify use and increase its adoption as a convenient, cheap and safe form of payment. The original initiative for this currency came from Rijk Plasman with the first working implementation released on the 4th April 2014. Initially called the “Gulden coin”, this was subsequently abbreviated in October 2015 to “Gulden”. The name Gulden comes from the German and Dutch term for “gold coin” and is the Dutch name of the Dutch guilder, the pre-euro currency of the Netherlands. Gulden Coin is the currency that enables the user to pay safely, conveniently and quickly. Moreover, it is a lucrative investment opportunity at the moment, considering that since entering the market in 2016 the developers have increased to a market capital of 39,883,259 USD with about 800,000 USD. The model of making cryptocurrencies accessible to ordinary consumers in the future holds enormous potential in the fintech sector.

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