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TOTAL SUPPLY 4,000,000,000 CMPCO

Campuscoin Events

15 Apr 2019
Added: 14 Jan 2019
15 Feb 2019
Added: 14 Jan 2019
15 Feb 2019
Added: 14 Jan 2019
31 Jan 2019
Added: 14 Jan 2019
26 Mar 2018
Added: 23 Apr 2018

What is CampusCoin (CMPCO)?

The CampusCoin Project aims to facilitate the economic transition to the blockchain with user-friendly applications and crypto-education. As blockchain technology sweeps the global economy, the CampusCoin Project is at the forefront of the crypto revolution. As part of our mission, we are spreading awareness of the benefits and uses of digital money and educating people about the blockchain and how to use the technology. Blockchain technology is simplifying payments and changing how business is conducted. The CampusCoin Project aims to bring the benefits of crypto to college and university campuses. As a cryptocurrency, CampusCoin offers many advantages over conventional fiat money for members of the campus community: students, their parents, the school administration and, by extension, nearby retailers.

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