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24H VOLUME $28,149,756
MARKET CAP $105,398,684
TOTAL SUPPLY 536,306,702 AE

Aeternity Events

09 Apr 2021
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Added: 06 Apr 2021
15 Mar 2021
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30 Dec 2020
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22 Sep 2020
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14 May 2020
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26 Mar 2020
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26 Mar 2020
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25 Mar 2020
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12 Mar 2020
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10 Mar 2020
Added: 09 Mar 2020
06 Mar 2020
Added: 23 Dec 2019
04 Mar 2020
Added: 03 Mar 2020

What is Aeternity (AE)?

æternity is a public, open-source blockchain protocol that enables a platform for next-generation decentralized applications with high scalability. Its core components are written in the functional programming language Erlang and its smart contract language - Sophia - is also functional. æternity has a stellar team of developers including Robert Virding - co-creator of Erlang, John Hughes - co-designer of Haskell, and Ulf Norell - co-designer of the Agda programming language for formal verification. Unlike other blockchain platforms, the æternity protocol itself incorporates a number of essential technological features. State channels for off-chain scaling, oracles for real-world information, and a naming system for increased user-friendliness are all implemented on Layer 1. æternity also features SDKs in Javascript, GO, Phyton, Java, as well as a middleware and a development suite that streamline smart contract development. æternity incorporates the Bitcoin-NG consensus algorithm developed by academics from Cornell University and uses the Cuckoo Cycle mining algorithm for Sybil attack protection. AE tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the æternity platform, is used for both - an economic unit of account and as ballots in the community-driven on-chain governance votes.

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