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24H VOLUME $1,421,584
MARKET CAP $64,075,625
TOTAL SUPPLY 355,208,370.67 TLOS

Telos Events

31 May 2023
Added: 21 May 2023

What is Telos (TLOS)?

Telos is a networked ecosystem powering the future economy having established itself as the second most used network by transaction volume for over 2 years according to Blocktivity, an independent blockchain analyst. Telos has been driving innovation since 2018 and is home to over 100 distinct applications (dApps) attracting well-known companies including Taikai, Qudo, Qubicles, Appics, Wordproof, Seeds, Zeptagram, and NewLife. These applications enjoy the robust on-chain services that Telos provides for voting, sentiment, decentralized file storage, location and much more. TLOS is the name of the token that reflects ownership in the Telos network. A TLOS token is used on-chain for staking CPU, RAM, and REX lending resources that power the utility of this powerful network. Visit us at

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