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24H VOLUME $63,048
MARKET CAP $214,808

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What is Kalkulus (KLKS)?

"Kalkulus is a decentralized digital asset that guarantee instant transactions to anyone, anywhere in the world utilizing an energy efficient Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol and a masternodes system network. Core target of the project is to become an advanced and largely adopted digital currency payment method that is fast, secure, decentralized, and adoptable by different business models worldwide. Sometime we only focus on how easy is to send large amounts of money through cryptocurrencies but to be adoptable by the most part of userbase, we have to focus on sending small amounts in a fast, secure and low-cost environment. The almost zero transaction fees system due to the KLKS proof-of-stake efficiency model, make Kalkulus the perfect choice for micro-transaction business and online merchants and shops. Kalkulus adopt an economic business model carefully designed to avoid hyperinflation and protecting investors and their locked funds from value decreasing caused from increasing circulating supply. Thanks to his low supply and through the application of Seesaw Rewards Mechanism, Kalkulus network offer a strong balanced rewards system between masternodes holders and stakers, for their contribution to keep the network stable and decentralized."

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