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24H VOLUME $310.77
MARKET CAP $980,607

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What is GemLink (GLINK)?

Gemlink is a cryptocurrency that prioritizes privacy and anonymity in transactions and data transfers. It is based on Zk-SNARK technology, which ensures efficient and secure-proof protocols. Gemlink aims to provide a fully secure and anonymous experience for users, with continuous updates and development to maintain a high level of privacy. The project also supports the development of applications and services based on private coins to meet various user needs. The tokenomics of Gemlink include Equihash algorithm, a block time of 60 seconds, and a block reward of 30 Gemlink. Halvings occur every 2,102,400 blocks, and a total of approximately 160,000,000 Gemlink coins will be mined. The premine blocks are divided into a development fund and an equity fund. Future native tokens will be created and stored in a vault for exchange with Gemlink tokens without generating inflation. Gemlink emphasizes the importance of masternodes in authorizing and storing the blockchain, ensuring network security. Masternode owners receive rewards and participate in the voting system for decision-making. Gemlink aims to divide its actions into four areas of development: MiracleBox wallet, AI Bot, game platform, and a cryptocurrency exchange with Gemlink token. Each area has specific plans for expansion and improvement. The MiracleBox wallet offers various features, including SWAP capabilities, support for masternodes, and integration with other wallets. The AI Bot utilizes advanced algorithms for market analysis and trading strategies. The game platform focuses on expanding game offerings and introducing social features. The cryptocurrency exchange with Gemlink token aims to provide a user-friendly platform with liquidity and security measures. Gemlink’s development plan prioritizes the user experience and aims to deliver the best services. The team will continue to work on expanding features, improving security, and integrating with other platforms to meet user expectations

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